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Art Smart: The Intelligent Guide to Investing in the Canadian Art Market

Art Smart is a comprehensive guide to the Canadian art market for the novice and experienced collector alike. It is full of advice that will give anyone the tools to determine the value of a piece of art and to not be intimidated by the often mystifying artistic world. This informative and helpful volume covers the inner workings of the art market, from dealer trade secrets to expert strategies on buying and selling through auction houses and online.

Art Smart gives the reader knowledge of the potential investment value of works of art, including tax and estate planning, copyright issues, and charitable donations. It also contains all the latest resources for art research, with extensive appendices to guide the consumer in becoming an art connoisseur. Art Smart is essential reading if you are curious to know more about how the art market functions and is an excellent resource guide for those already involved in art investing.

Art Smart Book

About the Author

Alan Bryce started collecting art in the 1960s. He specializes in the artwork of renowned Canadian artist Doris McCarthy and owns the largest private collection of her art. In 2001 Alan opened a gallery and Art investment business called Passages Art Inc. He currently consults with individuals on art and buys, sells, and rents both contemporary and historical Canadian art.

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